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CSU Stockton

Working with Stockton leaders, we are moving on efforts to build a CSU campus in Stockton. We are the largest city in California that does not have a CSU campus within 50 miles.  Currently California is turning away thousands of qualified high school students from our CSU campuses every year. I will continue to fight to get this campus built here. It will help our students, focus on job retraining, create local jobs and be a hub for our community.

Help our Veterans

Coming from a long line of veterans, joining the Army out of highs school was a great step for me. But today I am angered to see bureaucratic delays that are preventing a VA facility to be built in our community. Veterans are forced to drive to Palo Alto for healthcare and mental health services. I am proud to work with veterans and advocates on this issue and will continue to help them.

Stop the Delta Tunnel

The Delta Tunnel project needs to die. Spending billions of dollars to send our water south and hurt the Delta estuary is a bad idea. I have served on the Delta Protection Commission for the past three years. I know how important the Delta is to our community and this region. I’ll continue to oppose this project.

Preventing Crime by Targeting At-Risk Youth

Working with our County School Superintendent and the National Guard, I worked to launch the local Challenge Academy. This program targets at-risk youth. This program has already turned around hundreds of kids – teaching them life skills while they complete their high school education.

Ending the Gender Gap

As the Chair of the Women’s Legislative Caucus and leader on issues that impact women, I am proud of the work we have done to create a little bit of an equal footing for women. Writing a new law that bans employers from seeking the salary history of job applicants is just one step forward. We have more work to do

About Susan

Dr. Susan Talamantes Eggman grew up in Turlock on her family’s small almond orchard and apiary.

Eggman comes from a long line of veterans. She enlisted in the Army as a combat medic after high school and served four years at the Fort Meade Army hospital in Maryland. There she met Renee Hall, who became her longtime partner and, as of June 2014, her wife.

After her military service, Eggman attended California State University, Stanislaus, where she earned both a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. She later completed a doctorate in social work at Portland State University. She went on to teach at CSU Sacramento.

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Susan Eggman for State Senate endorsed by key San Joaquin Community Leaders

State Senator Patrick Johnston, Retired
State Senator Mike Machado, Retired
Kathy Miller, County Supervisor
Michael Tubbs, Mayor, City of Stockton
Dan Wright, Vice Mayor, City of Stockton
Dan Arriola, Member, Tracy City Council
Rhodesia Ransom, Member, Tracy City Council
Nancy Young, Member, Tracy City Council
James A. Mousalimas, San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools
Janet Rivera, Member, Delta Community College Board
Dr. Theresa Brown, Delta Community College Board
Lange Luntao, President, Stockton Unified School District
Candy Vargas, Trustee Stockton Unified School District
George Neely, Trustee, Lodi Unified School District