Stockton Working To Bring CSU Campus To The City

Stockton has started the ball rolling to bring a California State University campus to the city.

Stockton may be the most neglected area in the state when it comes to access to a Cal State school.

“We need to have a public university in the City of Stockton,” says Assemblymember Susan Eggman. She spoke before the Stockton City Council seeking its support for a CSU.

“We are the largest city in the State of California without one within a 50-mile radius. It stands to reason that we should have one and we should have one here.”

The Pacific Center for Business and Policy Research presented a 28-page report to the council outlining the benefits and the need.

The report showed Stockton would see hundreds of millions of dollars in construction and payroll along with thousands of jobs.

City Councilman Elbert Holman agreed.

“When they have a UC or university campus, then it brings business in the area here and that’s going to benefit the community.”

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